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Felony Charges Bail Bonds in Western New York.

Upstate Bails Inc provides felony bail bond services to the people of Western New York and its surrounding cities. We have years of experience getting loved ones out of jail and back home to their families.

Examples of Felonies in Western New York

A felony is an offense for which a sentence to a term of imprisonment in excess of one year may be imposed. Felonies are classified in a range from ‘A’ to ‘E’ being the ‘A’ crimes as the most serious. In the following felony chart you will find a description of each of the felonies classes.

  • Class A Felony
    • Is the highest degree of felony and is reserved for crimes such as murder or high treason. Since in New York the death sentence was abolished in 2007, this would now result in a life sentence.
  • Class B Felony
    • These felonies are less severe than murder and include homicide, armed robbery, rape, drug trafficking or a violent assault..
  • Class C Felony
    • C felonies are considered to be lesser felony charges that describe certain types of assault, fraud, types of theft, robbery and larceny. Even drug distribution can fall into this category.
  • Class D Felony
    • These are felonies that tend to be crimes of a serious nature, but without the same sense of malice that the law assigns to higher grade felony cases. A “D” class felony would be larceny, types of fraud, theft, robbery, burglary, or specific types of manslaughter.
  • Class E Felony
    • These felonies are the lowest possible felony charge in graveness and it’s usually associated with serious crimes that did not warrant a higher felony charge. Class “E” felonies can also be theft, assault, forcible touching, or aggravated harassment.

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